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2019: we’ve been busy!

We look back at what we’ve been up to over the last 12 months…

We’ve implemented our systems within many different industries, and will continue to expand into 2020. Here are some examples of our projects:

Waste and recycling – a growing industry

We’ve been focusing on the Waste and recycling industry for the last year. With over 500 landfill sites in the UK and over 800 recycling plants in the UK, the industry is continuing to grow. Each individual site has large vehicles that have to work alongside pedestrians with no segregation. We have implemented our vehicle to person system and vehicle to vehicle system in many sites within the UK.

Aviation – continued success

The aviation industry has benefited from the ZoneSafe system over the last 10 years, in 2019 and is set to expand in 2020. ZoneSafe has been implemented as an Aircraft Damage Protection System to help reduce the expense and disruption that ground handling collisions create. The ‘apron’ (the area of an airport where aircraft are parked), is a hive of activity. Ground Servicing Equipment (GSE) can hit a fuselage panel, a wing, landing gear or an engine cowling and can cost many thousands of pounds to repair. ZoneSafe’s simple solution protects aircraft from vehicles working in close proximity on the ground.

Airport collision damage has an avoidable and expensive on the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft. ZoneSafe is helping to reduce delays and cancellations, and is keeping costs under control. This is vital for business and we will be continuing success throughout other airlines in 2020.

Dropzone – utilities

We’ve continued to work with a large utilities company throughout 2019 implementing and improving safety for workers and pedestrians. Our Dropzone system is used in the instance where pylon workers (overhead line engineers) work at height, and passing pedestrians (and fellow workers) are at risk of falling objects (mainly tools) from above. ZoneSafe creates a demarcation zone around the hazard area where objects can fall and harm others.

We are continuing to provide the utilities company with Dropzone, and we are continuing to modify the system for continued use in the future.

Latest V to V system – longer range

We updated our Vehicle to Vehicle system at the end of 2019. Our Vehicle to Vehicle system offers reliable long-range detection to reduce the risk of impacts and collisions between industrial vehicles used in the workplace. The new system has two configurable warning zones: an outer pre-warning zone and an inner warning zone. Connected via a web-enabled devices allows to easily configure detection ranges, alarm volume and alarm sounds. Creating safer places to work! Click here to see our latest Vehicle to Vehicle system.

Automotive safety

We have worked with a large automotive manufacturing factory throughout 2019, improving their safety where pedestrian and vehicles work in close proximity. Previously there was no means for controlling traffic through the factory doors, creating a safety hazard. We have installed ZoneSafe-controlled roller shutter doors for controlling traffic passing through the doors.  Only those vehicles fitted with a ZoneSafe system are now allowed through doors fitted with a ZoneSafe reader.

Tagless based systems

We found a huge need for tagless systems. Situations where oncoming industrial vehicles were at risk of collisions with private vehicles had no need for pedestrian tags. We therefore installed WRxs to detect oncoming industrial vehicles – which connects to a visual-alarm warning sign to warn any private vehicle of the oncoming risk, and tell them to stop. This system has been very successful and very popular!

What’s in store for 2020?

We are continuing to work with the recycling industry, as near-silent electric eRCVs are more of a hazard on site. Pedestrians working close by have surrounding noise, and what was once a case of relying on the pedestrian’s hearing to detect whether a RCV is approaching, is now becoming more difficult. The safest way to detect their proximity is ZoneSafe.

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