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Access all areas – sometimes it’s not a good thing!

It’s extremely important to allow staff access to certain areas in the workplace – while restricting access to those who aren’t authorised to enter particular areas.

It’s also extremely important to keep vehicles and pedestrians safely segregated in any industrial setting.

Vehicles working alongside pedestrians

Industrial vehicles can move at an alarming pace, making pedestrians at risk of injury.

Vehicles can also collide with other vehicles on site – creating unnecessary damage, costs and of course injury to the drivers.

Banksmen have been used for decades. A banksman is the person who directs the operation of a crane or larger vehicle from the point near where loads are attached and detached.

But it is not always suitable for a banksman to be used – especially when there are several pedestrian crossing points across a busy vehicle route.


  • A warehouse where picking staff are required to walk across the path of fast moving forklifts.
  • An aggregate site where site workers are required to walk across and near the path of shovel loaders (that often have blind spots)
  • A waste and recycling site where pedestrians are required to walk across the path of large recycling vehicles at the recycling site, where it is not possible to segregate.

The ZoneSafe system offers two solutions for these occasions:

Vehicle Access Control

This system enables automated vehicle access control through doors, gates or barriers while helping to prevent collisions.

Zonesafe Vehicle Access Control is a Proximity Detection System that enables controlled access and security of all vehicles on site, using hands-free technology.

How the ZoneSafe system works

Vehicle Detection Units are fitted to doors, gates and barriers throughout the site, where controlled access and security is required. Once fitted, each unit will detect an approaching vehicle equipped with the ZoneSafe system.

The Vehicle Detection Unit will ensure that the activation of a gate, door or barrier is automatically opened when a vehicle approaches, and closed when the vehicle has passed through.

Personnel Access Control

This system enables pedestrian access through doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles, restricting others and preventing pedestrians from entering the pathway of moving vehicles.

ZoneSafe Personnel Access Control is a Proximity Detection System that enables staff movement and access throughout your worksite by limiting and restricting access, using hands-free technology.

How the system works

Reader units are fitted next to all doors, turnstiles and gates throughout the site where controlled access and security is required. Once fitted, each reader unit creates an invisible detection zone around each unit.

As part of the system, ZoneSafe tags are issued to all personnel who require access. Managing the allocation of tags can be set up easily, and as the tags are only 8cm x 5cm they can be incorporated into your PPE, attached to lanyards or kept in a pocket.

When the pedestrian approaches the gate or turnstile, the reader unit detects the tag and will automatically unlock the door.

Both systems create a safe, secure and cost-effective solution for your working environment.

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