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As Covid 19 starts to loosen its grip on the nation, companies that were previously unable to continue working are now starting to consider doing just that. But what happens if your type of work means interacting with people and potentially breaking the social distancing guidelines?

Here at ZoneSafe our team of design engineers have been developing a solution to overcome the problem. The ZoneSafe P2P Social Distancing Solution works for teams of people that work closely to each other. Wearing a P2P VibraTag, each person is warned through vibration alert feedback when they get closer than the 2 metre social distancing guideline recommendation. And if you need a more visible warning, the solution can be connected to a high viz jacket with LED’s that flash, warning of the social distancing encroachment and encouraging you to move away.

For more information about the ZoneSafe P2P Social Distancing Solution, click here, contact us on +44(0)1202 868000, or send an email to

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