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The ZoneSafe system uses Rechargeable Active RFID tags and ‘tagging technology’. This offers a number of benefits and advantages over other proximity warning systems.

ZoneSafe provides ‘proximity warning alert systems’. The system alerts pedestrians and drivers of industrial vehicles when they are dangerously close to each other.

As the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) have demonstrated, the second largest cause of fatal injuries in Britain are from pedestrians being struck by a moving vehicle. See the statistic here)

This is a serious issue. ZoneSafe is the safest way to protect your staff – with their Active RFID.

What is active RFID?

There are two kinds of tags – active and passive tags.

Active tags have a transmitter and their own power source – usually a battery. This battery is used to run the microchip and its circuitry to send a signal to a reader. This is similar to the way a mobile phone transmits to a phone mast.

Passive tags don’t have a battery. They draw power from a reader, that has sent electromagnetic waves that makes a current in the tag’s antenna.

Why don’t we just use passive tags?

Passive tags are not 100% reliable – which is not worth the risk when you are protecting people.

Here is an example where passive tags are used:

In retail shops, passive tags are attached to garments/products, and readers are placed in the doorway –  to stop shoplifting.

Passive tags send out a signal and will hopefully pick up the tag as it leaves the store (where the reader is situated). Where most of the garments/objects are recovered with the passive tags and reader, some will just NOT be picked up.

Where a shop owner may not mind a 10% loss of goods, a 10% LOSS OF LIFE is not acceptable.

Active tags are so accurate that they will not fail.


Our ZoneSafe technology provides fast, reliable and accurate data exchange between tags and readers without any limitation on the number of tags in operation. This is essential for a safety warning system that protects pedestrians working in close proximity to moving vehicles.

Benefits of active tags

  • The detection of a ZoneSafe tag is automatic.
  • It does not require line if sight or intervention from the user – or holder – of the tag. The tag is detected despite obstacles between tag and reader.
  • ZoneSafe tags enable hands-free operation int the workplace.
  • Environmental factors (such as adverse weather) will NOT affect the tags working.

What can the tags be used for?

Detecting people.

When your workplace requires pedestrians to work alongside moving vehicles or machinery, our active tags can detect pedestrians within 9 metres of proximity to the vehicle or machinery.

Protecting assets.

Whether buildings, machines or equipment – all assets are at risk when in close proximity to moving vehicles.

Creating exclusion zones.

Hazards can occur in the workplace and can sometimes be overlooked by moving vehicles. Create a zone around that hazard with ZoneSafe active tags.

We offer variants of tags, for a complete bespoke safety system – one that fits YOUR business.

These are:

Standard Tag

The ZoneSafe standard tag is a sealed unit with integral battery and gives between 2-3 years of operational life (with average use). The standard tag is robust and has a tamper-proof design.

Rechargeable Tag

The rechargeable tag has the ability to be charged using a wireless charger. The battery can be completely recharged within 2 hours and can last up to 3 months between charges.

VibraTag (Driver & Pedestrian)

VibraTags give out short vibrating bursts to alert the wearer when they are too close to a moving vehicle (or when one is approaching). VibraTags can also be charged using a wireless charger. The battery can be completely recharged within 2 hours and can last up to 3 months between charges.

TufTag (Cone Tag)

TufTags fit into safety cones or attach to metal surfaces using a magnet. TufTags are the perfect solution for setting up detection zones or ‘no go areas’ around an asset or hazard.

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