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Forklift training is extremely important. But why is it important?

The dangers

Forklift truck drivers should have forklift training. These vehicles need to be manoeuvrable, and are designed to be compact, with a very small turning circle. When they are carrying heavy loads, they become unstable.

A standard two-tonne forklift with a full load can weigh approximately five tonnes. Forklifts can often be involved in incidents.This is because of their lowerFstability, combined with their manoeuvrability and working alongside human traffic.

forklifts can cause serious injuries and fatalities, even at low speeds – not just to the forklift driver. Pedestrians can be struck by a forklift or its load. Don’t wait until there is a death at your workplace before introducing forklift safety!

Still not convinced that your employees should be certified? Here are the top 5 reasons to invest in forklift training:

It’s a legal requirement

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has published an Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance. This is called ‘Rider-operated lift trucks: Operator training and safe use: Approved Code of Practice and guidance.’ It sets the minimum standard of basic training that people should receive before they are allowed to operate certain lift trucks. If there is an incident involving forklifts where the driver has not been given substantial safety training, there can be huge consequences. In this case, where there were even no casualties, the forklift operator and co-worker were fined £8,000 each! Read more here.

Safety is paramount

Many safety bodies claim that forklifts are officially the most dangerous form of workplace transport in the country. The British Safety Council states that: ‘Forklifts injure more people than Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) or Large Goods Vehicles (LGV). In fact, 25% OF workplace transport injuries are a direct result of forklift truck accidents. Sending your staff for forklift training can significantly reduce those statistics.

Save on costs

The cost of forklift accidents can be far more than just the safety of those involved. Forklifts that are involved in accidents need to be repaired. This costs money and time. Many incidents involve damage to product. This can create a loss for the company and can take some time to get that loss back. Repairs to vehicles, damage to products and staff shortage due to injuries all adds up. This can mean huge losses to any company. Give them forklift training and avoid unnecessary costs.

Staff efficiency

Training and practicing anything can make anyone more efficient in whatever they do. Those employees that take part in forklift training can make them more efficient and more productive. Staff that are more comfortable operating the heavy machinery will become more efficient in their daily tasks. Once your staff are practiced in forklift training and forklift safety, they will become more confident and will encourage others.

Give your company an advantage

Individuals applying for a job in the industrial sector make important comparisons. Having corporate forklift training in place will not only show that you are a proactive company, but also that all staff are highly skilled and care about their products and daily tasks. Forklift training also gives your company a competitive edge as it shows customers that you are among the elite and are to be trusted.

Choose an accredited forklift training provider

Here are a few examples of some accredited forklift training providers in the UK:

  1. Forklift Training UK

The company Forklift Training UK is one of the most respected training schools in the country with the most comprehensive training centres nationwide. They cater for a wide range of lift trucks and have over 150 training centres in their forklift training network throughout the UK.

  1. Ace Trainers

Ace provide training for all Materials Handling Equipment (MHE), including Reach Forklift Trucks – the most popular used forklift tricks in the warehouse industry. They deliver professional accredited training in the safe operation of a forklift truck.

  1. Jungheinrich

The Jungheinrich group originated in Germany and now has sales and service companies in 30 countries all over the world. Jungheinrich offers a complete training solution for all categories of forklift and materials handling equipment, with five dedicated training centres across the UK and over 65 accredited instructors.

Increasing safety awareness

Increasing awareness and improving site safety are key components of the ZoneSafe philosophy, and implementing their safety applications can drastically improve a workplace’s safety culture.

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning and Alert Systems do more than just give industrial vehicle drivers (such as forklift trucks, reach stackers or excavators) an alert to a pedestrian worker close by.

Over the years, the standard ZoneSafe system has been developed and re-engineered. This is to include new applications and systems. These are personnel and vehicle access control, walkway and crossing alerts, and asset protection.

One of the most interesting comments from clients who use ZoneSafe is not just how well the system works but that the safety culture and environment drastically changes within a work site. Rather than taking that shortcut across the yard, pedestrian workers don’t want to set the proximity alarm off on a vehicle so they automatically give the vehicle a wide berth. This makes for a much safer work site as the pedestrian worker starts to automatically work safer as second nature, perhaps even becoming ‘zone safe’.

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