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RWM (Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition) is the UK’s largest trade show for recycling and waste management, providing the biggest platform for world-changing innovations that are shaping the future of sustainability.

Since 2018, RWM has grown to attract more than 12,000 professionals from across the recycling and waste industry who would like to build business relationships for the future. All visitors share the same vision of a cleaner and more efficient future – with RWM putting these ideas and visions under the spotlight.

Across the two days of the RWM conference, there are seminar schedules delivering expert advice and guidance, live demonstrations of the latest and greatest technology – as well as hundreds of market leading companies coming equipped with their products and services. RWM, which is in partnership with CIWM, is the only UK event of this scale for the recycling and waste industry.


The Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM) has been RWM’s main conference partner for nearly a decade. As the leading professional body for resource and waste professionals, they are the voice of the sector, and represent over 5,500 individuals and organisations in the UK and overseas. Their professional knowledge and trusted reputation enables them to inform and influence legislation and policy – and play a vital part in shaping the future role and reputation of the sector.

This year, there are some fantastic speakers:

David Palmer – Jones, CEO, Suez

Talk: ‘Leaders of the waste world’

Phil Piddington, Managing Director, Viridor

Talk: ‘Leaders of the waste world’

Michael Topham, CEO, BIFFA

Talk: ‘Leaders of the waste world’

Jeremy Paxman, Patron of Clean Up Britain

Talk:‘Britains’ growing litter problem’

Dr Anne Meier, NASA

Talk: ‘Space mission logistical waste processing’

Tom Szaky, Founder & CEO, Terracycle

Talk: ‘Loop: solving for disposability while maintaining its virtues’

Andy Willcott, Critical Waste

Talk: ‘Glastonbury Festival: The waste management of a temporary city.’

Mary Creagh, Environmental Audit Committee

Talk: ‘Resource Efficiency & Net Zero’

Dr. Ioannis Hatzopoulos, Procter & Gamble

Talk: ‘Leading the recycling of used absorbent hygiene products’

What are we looking forward to?

With an obvious interest in the safety of moving vehicles, we are very much looking forward to this year’s Handling and Logistics Zone.

There will be a wide range of companies and products on show in the Handling and Logistics Zone, with examples of trucks, urban waste vacuum machines, road sweepers, and waste management software.

With the recycling industry growing rapidly in the UK, so is the need for vehicles to assist the industry. We provide much-needed safety solutions for those pedestrian working in close proximity to any industrial vehicles. One of the main highlights will be Terberg Matec UK, who will be exhibiting one of their Kerbloader multi-material collection solution vehicles at Stand T11. Another of note is Johnston Sweepers, who will be exhibiting their new electronic sweeper, Evie. Evie is a full-sized truck sweeper and we can’t wait to meet her and talk more about our safety solutions!

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Test Track

There is a continued progression towards reliance on electric vehicles, and RWM is one of the only environmental exhibitions to boast a test track for zero-emissions vehicles.

This will be on display at the show, and will be an incredible opportunity to witness and experience first-hand just how good these vehicles are on the road. This will be a unique insight into just how far electric vehicles have progressed in recent years.

The track is perfect for fleet managers or companies that require more economic and efficient alternatives – we will be there, watching the vehicle technology, pit lanes with supporting technology and hopefully seeing how our technologies can assist them with safety.

We’re ZoneSafe: leaders in Recycling Plant Safety

Did you know that the British waste and recycling industry experienced a significantly higher rate of fatal injuries in the last five years than ANY OTHER INDUSTRY.

Did you know that ZoneSafe creates safer places to work?

ZoneSafe offers a complete range of solutions to protect pedestrians and assets on recycling plants.

Do you know your pain points?

Recycling plants have many potential dangers to pedestrians on site. The largest risk is collisions between vehicles and personnel.

How we can help.

ZoneSafe is a workplace safety specialist.

We provide a range of applications to help prevent collisions and reduce risk.

With extensive experience and knowledge of developing and delivering innovative safety systems, ZoneSafe’s products are all designed on-site in Dorset, and supplied globally.

Unsure of your risk areas?

ZoneSafe Insight, the cloud-based management information system, identifies and monitors areas of risk and near-misses that may otherwise go unreported.

Working together with our customers.

Our consultative approach ensures that our innovative technology complements existing processes, and delivers effective safety solutions.

Talk to us about your safety points

Come and speak to us on Stand S14 at the RWM Exhibition and find out how we can ensure safety in your workplace.

Find out more about ZoneSafe products at


“This is where everybody is, so if you are in this space of recycling & waste, you need to be here”David Palmer-Jones, CEO of Suez

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