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Extra protection for staff – with one simple addition.

Keeping staff safe in the industrial world has never been so important. According to HSE, 26 employees were fatally injured last year from a moving vehicle. There were many more incidents resulting in life changing injuries. The risk of an accident is significantly increased when pedestrians work in close proximity to fast moving vehicles. With the modern materials handling industry moving even faster, it has never been so critical to keep them safe. That’s why your staff need to wear ZoneSafe VibraTags.

Why invest in VibraTags?

The VibraTag is an Active RFID tag worn by personnel and detected by the ZoneSafe proximity warning system. As standard, the driver of a vehicle fitted with ZoneSafe is given an audible and visual alert when a person wearing a VibraTag enters the detection zone.

When a vehicle comes in to the detection range, the wearer of a VibraTag is instantly warned by short bursts of vibration through the tag. VibraTag can be detected and triggered up to 9 metres away from an approaching vehicle. For more information on how a ZoneSafe system works, click here.

What are the benefits of VibraTags?

Ultimate safety. The VibraTag has the benefit of a two-way warning alert. When the pedestrian enters the detection zone, the tag will vibrate on the wearer as well as setting off an alarm in the driver’s cab. BOTH pedestrian and driver are alerted.

They are rechargeable and long-lasting. Unlike other proximity tags on the market, the ZoneSafe VibraTag doesn’t need to be replaced for many years. The high capacity rechargeable battery enables VibraTag to be triggered thousands of times between charges, and can be fully charged wirelessly within 2 hours using a compatible charger pad!

They are durable and tamperproof. Each VibraTag is hermetically sealed to provide the best long-term protection. Waterproof and tamperproof, the VibraTag will survive a drop from a pocket, and will even endure being run over by a vehicle!

They are versatile and portable. The VibraTag can be carried in many ways. Clip to a lanyard, place in a pocket or wear in an ID armband. ZoneSafe VibraTags can also be supplied with a permanent clip that fixes to a hard hat or belt.

ZoneSafe systems and VibraTags can be used with any industrial vehicle. Protect your staff with one simple addition.

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